Peridot in Basalt

When your crystals like it hot! Peridot (olivine) is a very interesting mineral that forms at some of the hottest temperatures within our Earth. Extremely hot magma within our Earth will rise to shallower depths and begin to cool and crystallize. As it does so, Peridot crystals are some of the first to cool and crystallize out of this hot solution.

This self-standing piece beautifully displays the peridot crystallization inside of the gray host volcanic rock, basalt. In fact, the air bubbles (miniature holes) seen in the matrix are the exact type of pockets that allow other crystals like quartz to grow inside of similar volcanic rock. This large specimen came from the volcanic deposit at the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona and has a unique dark green crystalline ribbon through the center of the olivine.

Approx. 6" L x 4.5" W x 3.25" H

Need a display stand?

This piece is self-standing and displays beautifully as a horizontal display. No display stand needed!

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