Golden Calcite with Zebra Calcite

Get wild with this wonderful zebra striped Calcite specimen from Mexico. The changes in color are a result of bands of calcite and aragonite forming in alternating layers of white, black, gray and golden yellow calcite. The color changes are a result of layered deposition in which different impurities resulted in varied coloration over time. One side even looks like the layers have marbled and melted together. As if the fun color and banding in this stone weren't enough, it also FLUORESCES under UV light! 

Approx. 5.5" H x 4.5" W x 2.75" Deep

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If you would like a clear acrylic stand to display your specimen horizontally or vertically with a slight tilt forward, we recommend adding Stand A3 to your cart. This piece can also self-stand horizontally.

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