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Faden Quartz

A very unique variety of Quartz from Pakistan, Faden Quartz has a special secret. The cloud of white seen within the crystals actually formed from the crystal repairing or "healing" itself. Natural disturbances inside the Earth (fissures, faults, earthquakes, tremors, etc.) sometimes cause fractures to form within crystals. The white line seen in Faden Quartz is the healing line where the silica-rich mineral solution sealed the fractures and re-grew one or more times. It is said that these are a premier healing stone in the Quartz family because the specimen itself was able to heal or re-seal from fracturing and damage. This variety of Quartz often forms in a curtain-like formation, with inter-grown crystal groups creating multiple double terminations like those seen here. Internal rainbows in the crystal can be seen under certain lighting conditions.

Approx. 4" L x 1.5" W x .5" Deep

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