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Large Zebra Calcite Lamp

Set your geologic dreams aglow with this stunning Zebra Calcite Lamp from Mexico. This unique cylindrical lamp was carved out of a very special stone. Layer upon layer of mineralization crystallized over time creating intricate contrasting patterns of black, white, and gold. Sometimes referred to as Zebra Onyx, this material is actually in the Calcite family. A very large single stone was used to create this beautiful home decor piece. The sides and center have been polished with a natural free-form shaped top, the bottom has been cut flat to sit perfectly on any table. The lamp glows a gorgeous golden yellow hue when illuminated at night. 

This piece comes with a stand alone cylindrical stone lamp with a small notch carved in the base to allow the cord to slide through. A separate small round stone lightbulb socket base with a white electrical cord on/off switch is also included (light bulb not included).

Approx. 16 3/4" H x 4 3/4" W 

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