Pink Halite

A geometrical wonder of cubic crystals on this incredible Pink Halite specimen from Trona, California. Halite is actually crystalline salt! This mineral forms from the evaporation of mineral rich waters. As the water evaporates, the mineral soup left behind begins to crystallize into these amazing shapes. And because salt has a cubic crystal structure, that is why you get the nice angular shapes on the crystals.

The halite gets its pink color from salt-loving algae that survive inside the salt crust, turning it pink. The "lake" in which these crystals form regenerates each year through natural fluctuations in the lake level and heating events. As the water evaporates, new crystallization occurs, as the crystals are exposed to water again, they super saturate and dissolve into the water again.

Approx: 5.5" L x 4" W x 4" H

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