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Rainbow Calcite

Fiery red-orange Calcite sits atop bands of multi-colored bands of Calcite and Aragonite on this beautiful stone from Mexico. The change in color bands are a result of layered deposition in which different impurities resulted in varied coloration over time. This creates lovely patterns within the stone. The lighter colored bands even fluoresce under UV light! Because of the alternating bands of color, this variety of Calcite is sometimes referred to as "Rainbow" Calcite.

Calcite can form in a variety of colors and shapes. This piece formed in a massive-style deposit. Rather than forming into individual single crystals, the Calcite formed in a large vein, allowing the Calcite to be removed as larger pieces or "chunks". This Calcite mineral specimen has red and orange tones, along with bands of green. It displays well from multiple angles and will surely add a pop of color to your collection!

Approx. 6.25" L x 4.5" W x 3.75" Deep

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