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Rutile on Hematite

Gorgeous golden blades of fibrous Rutile crystals are perfectly layered upon a lustrous Hematite base on this specimen from Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil. This incredible crystal cluster is absolutely packed with fine bright gold Rutile. The fibers are so fine and tightly grown together, they almost appear like soft golden fur. But be cautious when handling this specimen, rutile fibers of this variety may "jump" off your specimen if handled too aggressively.

If you're looking for a beautiful metallic mineral combination, this mix of Titanium dioxide Rutile and Iron oxide-based Hematite will make a perfect addition to your collection!

Approx. 2" L x 1.25" H x 1.25" Deep

Please note: it is possible a few tiny crystal fibers may jostle free during shipment, but with thousands of crystals tucked into this specimen, hopefully you won't miss one or two!

Need a display stand?

This piece comes pre-mounted on a clear acrylic stand with mineral tack.

Crystal Care

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