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Star Lepidolite

A rare and shining star crystal formation of bright pink and purple Lepidolite crystals from Brazil. This unusual variety of mica forms in a lovely soft purple-pink color due to the presence of Lithium in the mica. Lepidolite is actually the most abundant lithium-bearing mineral on Earth! 

What makes this specimen extra special, is that repeated crystal twinning creates lovely star shapes throughout the specimen. Golden star-muscovite mica crystals can also be seen intermixed with the Lepidolite crystals. Lepidolite rarely forms in these star shapes, making this mineral a great collectors piece for anyone who loves crystals or the color purple!  Mica naturally forms in thin sheets which are quite soft. These star-shaped crystals will add a lovely and delicate luster to any shelf.

This incredible mineral specimen displays beautifully from multiple angles, as it has crystals front and back.

Approx. 4" L x 3.25" W x 2.75" Deep

Need a display stand?

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