Crystal Care 101: How To Take Care of and Clean Your Crystals

  • 2 min read

How do I take care of and clean my crystals and fossils?

Some of our rocks are millions of years old. They made an incredible journey from inside the earth to your home. Now what? We have put together these care instructions to keep your crystals and fossils looking beautiful for years to come!


Light Exposure

Nearly all crystals naturally formed in dark environments deep inside the earth. Long exposure to sunlight can cause your crystals to fade in color. Just as your hair may lighten in the time you spend soaking up the sun, so will the crystals color. Be careful that you don't place your crystals or fossils in a sunny spot. Keep your beauties looking spectacular by keeping them out of direct sunlight.


Cleaning your crystals is best done with an air duster which is available at most stores. The same as you would clean a keyboard, hold the air canister approximately 6” away from your crystals, and in a light sweeping motion, blow air over your crystals.

Some crystals are hardier than others. For example, quartz/amethyst and agate can typically be cleaned by running under cool water, or wiping with a soft cloth. However, other crystals require a gentler approach.

Halite and Selenite for example, should NEVER be cleaned using water. They are both evaporite minerals and can actually start to dissolve if they are rinsed with water. For more fragile specimens or evaporite minerals like these, it is best to clean them with an air canister or blowing lightly on them from a safe distance. If you are unsure on what the best cleaning method is for a particular rock or fossil, feel free to reach out to us at info@unearthedstore.com! We would be happy to answer your questions in regards to cleaning and handling your items.

How Should I Handle My Crystals?

It is best to handle the crystals like you would a small bird. Some of these items are delicate and should be treated as such. Avoid poking at the crystals directly, as this could loosen them from the rock matrix and cause them to fall off the specimen. When picking up, always attempt to gently grab from the sides of the specimen, then place it in the palm of your hand and cradle to examine. For the more delicate mineral specimens, try handling over a bed or soft surface just in case you have a butterfingers moment!

How Do I Care for My Stone Jewelry?

It is best to always remove your jewelry before showering / swimming. Never wear your jewelry in a hot tub or hot springs as it will tarnish or even damage the stone. Make sure to remove your jewelry and store it in a safe place. Removing jewelry over a soft rug or bed is a good idea in case you have butterfingers ;) If you notice the sterling silver surrounding your stone is beginning to tarnish from normal wear, try polishing the metal with a pre-treated silver polishing cloth. Avoid getting the polish on the stone and stick to just the metal areas. This should keep your jewelry looking just as fabulous as you do!