About Unearthed

At Unearthed, geology is our passion. We believe in our motto "A Stone for Every Home". Our crystals and fossils will brighten up your home decor with one of a kind energy straight from the earth. Created through natural processes within the earth, these crystals sometimes took millions of years to form! Every stone we sell has been hand selected for quality, character and beauty. We select pieces from around the globe, bringing the intricacy and diversity of the natural world straight to your home. Introducing people to the incredible treasures the natural world has to offer, from the smallest crystal to the biggest fossil is our specialty.

Unearthed was founded by Lori Hodel, after spending nearly 15 years uncovering stones around the world. Her passion for rocks has led her through North and South America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Armed with a geology degree and a rock hammer by her side, she spends her free time hiking and rock hounding with her husband Kyle and their dogs. You can follow more of our adventures in photos and stories on Instagam.