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Blue Fluorite on Quartz

They might look like crystallized blueberries, but this is actually a rare formation of blue Fluorite crystals from the Huanggang Deposit of Inner Mongolia, China. The beautiful blue Fluorites exhibit an unusual rhombododecahedron or dodecahedron beveling with deep hoppering and smoothed faces that make them look like blueberries! But don't eat these delectable gems! ;)

What makes this piece even more stunning, is the deep contrast of blue against the bright white Quartz crystals hiding underneath. When inverted, you can see the hexagonal cross-section of the primary Quartz points hiding underneath. The entire piece is covered with small white mini-Quartz crystals with blue Fluorite on top. The color even appears to change under different lighting conditions, transitioning from royal blue, to navy blue, to indigo blue, to an almost teal blue depending on the light! You can even see some purple color zoning in some of the crystals. 

Approx: 3.25" H x 2.75" W x 1.5" D

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