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Large Pyritized Harpoceras Ammonite Fossil

This stunning fossil plate comes from the Holzmaden Shale in Germany. It features a large and prominent Harpoceras Ammonite fossil which has been naturally replaced by the mineral Pyrite. The bright brass coloration, detailed texture, and large size of the Ammonite fossil creates a stunning contrast against the dark shale rock matrix. 

Ammonites are an extinct group of sea creatures which thrived during the Jurassic Period approximately 180 million years ago. Besides the larger and more rare Harpoceras ammonite species, this plate also features the more common variety of ammonite found at this location, Dactylioceras. Smaller fossil shell fragments can also be seen throughout the beautiful shale matrix. 

Approx. 11.2" H x 9" W x .75" D

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