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Petrified Wood Slice

Look deep into the ancient tree rings on this stunning Petrified Wood slice from Madagascar. This slice displays beautifully both front and back, as well as horizontally or vertically. The front and back have been polished to a high gloss finish. The sides are left in the natural state and you can feel the wonderful undulations of the original tree bark all around the edges. This piece also has some sparkly accents where Quartz crystallized in a central crack in the tree!

Petrified wood forms when a tree falls and is rapidly buried by sediment such as volcanic ash or river sediments. This creates a reduced oxygen environment (anaerobic) which halts the usual decay process. Minerals carried through the flow of water and absorbed into the tree slowly began to replace the organic material and crystallize. Over hundreds and thousands of years this crystallization took place hardening into stone. This petrified wood fossil is dated at approximately 225 million years old.

Approx. 7.5" H x 7" W x .75" Deep

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