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Petrified Wood with Drusy Quartz

A perfect glimpse into the geologic past! This incredible piece of Petrified Wood has the most intricately preserved bark detail that it looks almost like modern day wood. The deep chocolate tones mix perfectly with the lighter whites and cream tones in the wood. Sparkly drusy Quartz crystals can be seen throughout the specimen, creating the perfect accent to the raw Petrified Wood texture. 

This specimen was found in an old Lignite mine in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany. The area was once extensively open-pit mined for lignite, a soft variety of coal previously used in the heating of homes in this region of Germany. The old mine pits were eventually flooded, creating beautiful lakes for the local community to enjoy. This old stock piece was collected in the Zwenkau Lignite Mine, which has since been flooded creating Zwenkau Lake. 

Petrified wood forms when a tree falls and is rapidly buried by sediment such as volcanic ash or river sediments. This creates a reduced oxygen environment (anaerobic) which halts the usual decay process. Minerals carried through the flow of water and absorbed into the tree slowly began to replace the organic material and crystallize. Over hundreds and thousands of years this crystallization took place hardening into stone. This petrified wood fossil is dated at approximately 35 million years old. 

Approx. 10.5" H x 1.5" Deep x 3.25" W

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