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Pink Manganese Calcite

A dreamy specimen of Manganese-bearing Calcite with soft pink pagoda style crystal stacks. This unusual variety of Calcite receives its color from a special chemical substitution. While many minerals have colors that are altered by inclusions of other elements, the Mangano-calcite or Manganoan calcite actually has manganese substituting for calcium in the calcite structure (Ca,Mn)(CO3).

The manganese present in the Manganocalcite creates a characteristic pink color in the Calcite. Often times this also allows the specimen to glow a fluorescent red-orange under UV light. 

This specimen was collected back in 2005 from the Androvo Mine, near Erma Reka, Bulgaria.

Approx. 4.75" H x 2.25" W x 2.5" Deep

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