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Rainbow Iridescent Baculite

Like holding a fossilized rainbow in the palm of your hand, this stunning fossil Baculite comes from South Dakota. Baculites are an extinct variety of cephalopod, similar to Ammonites except with a straighter shell. This species thrived in the Cretaceous seas, with fossils often being discovered in the interior United States which at one point was underwater! Baculite fossils are often found in pieces such as these, as the complete shell often separated along suture lines. The rainbow iridescence in this piece is particularly pronounced, so can be displayed at many angles!

The rainbow colors on this baculite shell is completely natural from the shell mineralization, and creates a beautiful display piece.

Approx. 4"H x 2.5"W x 1.5"D

Need a display stand?

If you would like a stand to display this specimen horizontally or vertically on a 45 degree angle with a slight tilt forward, we recommend stand Stand A3

Fossil Care

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