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Extra Large Green Aragonite Slab

An absolutely stunning stone slab from an ancient Roman copper mine in northern Spain. Teal green bands of Aragonite crystals form this gorgeous specimen from La Profounda Mine, Carmenes, Leon, Spain. This ancient Roman mine is located between the villages of Carmenes, and Villamanin, Spain. While the mine had been closed for many years, an ambitious miner decided to revisit this location, and discovered something truly special.

Inclusions of copper mineralization have caused the typically colorless Aragonite crystals to turn a gorgeous teal-green color. The beautiful bands of Aragonite also display incredible chatoyancy, or a “cat’s eye” effect, which is a result of light reflecting off thin crystal fibers within the stone.

The stone was extracted from the mine and cut into a slice or slab shape, then was polished to a high gloss finish. Only the front of the stone has been polished. 

Approx. 12" L x 6.5" H  x .75" Deep

Need a display stand?

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